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How do i recover documents after i reformat my computer?

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I had to recover my computer because it broke on me i had some important documents i need. I reformatted the c-drive.The first time this happened my brother used some program that retrieved many documents what are some programs i could use?

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1. Connect the volume or insert the DVD into the disk drive that contains the backup to your computer.
2 Click "Start," choose "Control Panel" and click "System and Maintenance." Click the "Backup and Restore Center" link to open the utility.
3 Click the "Restore My Files" button in the "Backup and Restore Center" welcome page. Choose "Browse for Files" or "Browse for Folders" and click on the folders you want to restore. Alternatively, you can click "Restore All User Files" to restore all the backed-up files to the computer.
4 Click the button for "In Original Location" or click the "Browse" button and select a new destination for the restored files.
5 Click "Restore" to restore the deleted files. A progress bar will appear indicating the status of the restore process. Once the bar is full, the restore process is complete and the files are restored to their destination folder

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