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How to Start A Medical Transcription Home Business

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Medical transcription at home is a real and legitimate home business that almost anyone can do, especially it is fit for the women stayed at home caring their houses and children.


    • 1  If you are not familiar with medical transcription, there are many quick and easy courses available (link to course below, under Resources heading).

    • 2  Once you have learned the trade, you will begin to get business by mailing letters to local and regional medical offices promoting your services. Highlight fast turn-around time and low pricing.
    • 3  As the calls come in, you will need to have a sheet available with all of your business information to answer any and all question immediately (just for the first few weeks). You will need to have determined what rate you are charging (scale provided below, under the resources heading, in the business guide), how work will be received and delivered, turn around time, etc. 
    •  4  Once you begin to maintain a large number of accounts, you can easily hire and train employees/contractors to assist you in your new, growing business.
    • 5   For more tips and detailed information on starting a medical transcription business from home, visit the step-by-step guide provided below, under the Resources Heading.

       To see at home medical transcription opportunities, visit our MT Job page:

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