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What's the difference between service pack 1 and service pack 2 in windows xp?

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I currently have service pack 1 , so if service pack 3 is the best, do I still have to install service pack 2 first then onto service pack 3?

Anyways this computer was windows 7 home editions, but after the daughter somehow killed it we had to buy a new hard drive.  As we know it doesn't have windows in it and none of the new computers come with re-install CD.  So we ended up installing the software CD from my old computer with windows XP service pack 1.  After installing successful and we finally had a window.  There was no longer wireless internet.  The device manager lists with half yellow question mark , Ethernet controller, PCI device, unknown device, video controller (VGA compatible). So I'm wondering if the service pack have anything to do with the lack of wireless internet ability. Please let me know where to download these drivers, I have to somehow download it on another computer and put on USB and then onto the broken computer. Please help!!!

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Latest service pack 3 is best than pack 2.......I suggest you to use Pack 3 not pack 2 as
the most compelling reason to choose Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 is, simply, that Microsoft continues to support it. From July 13, 2010 onward, Microsoft will end support for Service Pack 2. This means SP2 users will no longer be able to download updates, including security fixes. Besides this, Service Pack 3 offers everything from Service Pack 2 and many new features. These include several security fixes, better connections and an interface lift on toolbars and menus.  However, you can also change your service pack 2 to service pack 3.

Solution for Wireless Internet ----XP Pack2 to Pack3

How to run wireless internet that does not support XP pack 2 without changing or reinstalling XP pack 3 version.  Yes, there is a solution for that you can change your XP Pack 2 version to XP Pack 3.  It's perfect solution, which will power your system with XP pack 2 to pack 3 speeds.  Follow the instructions as given below:

1. Go to the site
2. Click on Softwares tab, where you have to find XP service pack 2 fixes.
3. Download it and unzip.
4. In unzipped file, you will find two files to be run.  Note that you should have to run these setups one by one and when you will install first one, restart the system before running the second one.  After installing the second file, restart again.
5.  Now, you have done and ready to use any software that does not support service pack 2.......Enjoy.  Click here to visit softwares tab

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