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How to connect Internet from pc to mobile via bluetooth?

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I have a Bluetooth dongle device in my pc & also have a Phone which has Bluetooth. I have a internet connection on my pc but i want to connect it on my mobile phone via Bluetooth. How can I do that? Please plzz Tell Me!!

Other Answers (1) is possible..I m using Mobilink internet on my mobile and when needed I use this net on my laptop....I am going to explain the method in two major parts

Part1: We have to make pair between our computer and Bluetooth mobile follow as:
1. Open control panel > Printer and other Hardwares >Bluetooth Devices
2. Find "Add" button in Bluetooth Devices window and click on it
3. Check the button "My device is set up and ready to be found" and click next
4. Remember that your mobile Bluetooth should be on.....
5. When PC Bluetooth will find your device, select your own device and click next
6. Check the the option button "Let me choose my own passkey" and give 1234 or on ur own
7. After PC Bluetooth will start making pair with ur mobile....and ur mobile will ask for the same passkey that you choose....type it on u mobile then save or ok.
8. PC Bluetooth will complete making the pair between them.

Part2: As follows:
1. Now you to make a Dialup for ur mobile internet.
2. Click on start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > New Connection Wizard
3. Next
4. Check option button "Connect to the internet" and next
5. Check option button "Set up my Connection manually" and next
6. Check option button "Connect using a dial-up modem" and next
7. Select only Bluetooth Modem and unselect any other modem if selected by default, and next
8. Type the name of your can give any name
9. Phone number......give number as *99# and next
10. Give username of ur mobile service and password....if u do not know about what is internet password or usename u can ask from ur sim service or can also find from internet....i am using Mobilink simcard in my mobile and i know its passward and useneram is
username mobilink
password mobilink
but if ur using different find its username and password
9. next and finish

now open that dialup and connect ur computer will first connect with ur mobile and then its APN network.....and u will be able to use mobile internet on ur PC

Try and enjoy if any problem contact me by my site


This method works only those Internet connections which does not require User Name/Password authentication.

I hope this information is helpful. Just one suggestion though... next time, don't forget to mention your OS version. This will help people like me to put up exact information for you.



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