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How do I transfer Microsoft Office from my old computer to my new computer?

15:45, Posted by Usman Kokab, No Comment

I just got a new laptop but it did not come with Microsoft office installed. I have all of the necessary files on my old computer but tranferring them via flash drive does not seem to work.

It does not work because I am only moving the files over to the flash drive and not actually installing the Microsoft office onto the flash drive.

I'd really appreciate the advice I'm in a bind.

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do this and tell me the result :

1- first move all the office folder as you did.
2- search in the drive that contains your windows installed (whether c, d, etc..) for office. you will get files and folders. and you will be able to see their main folder next to them. move the ones which are not in the main office program folder.
*for step 3 make a folder to produce the files needed into it.
3- start menu > run > type regedit > ok > from edit menu choose find > write office > click fin next > you will get a highlighted key. if it's in the right side of the window leave it and from edit menu choose find next. if in the left side > right click on the key > export > choose the folder you made for step 3 as a location and write a name > click save > then keep clicking find next from edit menu and doing what is written before until no other files are found > after that move the folder to your new laptop > click on each key choosing yes then ok until you did that with all keys in the folder.

don't forget to tell me the results !

sorry forgot to write something : in step 2 for the files which are moved to the new laptop, put them in the locations they were in in the old pc.

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