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How to become a medical transcriptionist?

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Medical Transcription is a technical field.  To learn, you have to be familiar with medical terms, but only need to know a little introduction about, not fully in depth.  You should also need to increase your listening power by listening dictations dictated by healthcare providers and to understand all templates used in medical transcription.   Typing speed is also a essential tool in medical transcription.  The best way to learn is to joint any medical transcription service where you can get a perfect guidance by the experienced transcriptionists.  There are many colleges and hospitals that are also give you chance to learn medical transcription.  If you are interested to get knowledge about MT, note that there are many companies providing Medical Transcription courses online as home-base training.   There are many books written on Medical Transcription available on internet.

How to Be a Medical Transcriptionist, book by Cynthia Peavler Bull,

Medical Transcription, Getting Started, book by AnnaBelle Berg,
How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist, book by George Morton, CMT,, 609-924-4748,, Interview, 11/98
Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home, book by Michele Miller,
How to Start Your Own Home Medical Transcription Business, ebook by Ellen Jeffreys,
Medical Transcription, Getting Started, book by Annabelle Berg,
Home Medical Transcription E-Book
Strategies For Establishing And Managing A Home-Based Medical Transcription Business

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